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Volume 2, Issue 1, August (2015)

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1 Transmitter Detection Techniques for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio System
Kanwaljeet Singh, Avtar Singh Buttar
Abstract – The revolution in radio technology causes a lack of radio spectrum. Radio spectrum is a limited is a limited source which is becoming denser day by day. Some of the radio frequency bands bear heavy traffic and other bands are rarely used. Cognitive Radio is a solution for spectrum underutilization problem, and the first stage of cognitive radio network is spectrum sensing. Detecting a vacant band for secondary user transmission is not an easy task. Using spectrum bands by secondary users can only be done efficiently if the spectrum sensing is fast and robust enough to perform sensing in a very short time period. In this paper, we discuss and compare the three major spectrum sensing techniques viz. Energy detection, Cyclostationary feature detection and Matched filter detection.
2 Resource Provisioning of Multi-tier Web Applications in Cloud Computing
Tejinderjit Singh, Parminder Singh
Abstract – Web applications these days are mostly multi-tier for the sake of software reusability and flexibility. However it is very difficult to estimate the behavior of workloads in these tiers due to the fact that resource demand at each tier is distinct. So it becomes very confronting to allocate resources at each tier. In order to fulfil SLA (Service Level Agreement) requirements it becomes necessary to provision resources at each tier separately. Recently various approaches on control theory and dynamic approaches have been proposed for the provisioning of resources in cloud. In this paper we identify those challenges and conduct a review on those control theory and dynamic approaches for allocation of resources in multi-tier applications. On the basis of advantages and disadvantages we develop a blueprint for research directions to enhance the effectiveness of resource provisioning in multi-tier applications.

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