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Volume 2, Issue 2, September (2015)

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1 An Analysis on Social Networking
R.Srividhya, R.Suganya
Abstract – Data Mining is known as Knowledge Discovery in Database (KDD), it is well-known for its powerful role in determining hidden information from wide variety of data. Data mining is used many areas and it has different mining techniques. Web content mining is a type of data mining techniques. In web content mining, social networking is a part and it is widely used. Social networking is number of people connected each other by social relationship such as friends, colleague, friends of friends for data exchange. Online social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and MySpace are among the most popular among the networking sites. In this paper the study is related to the social networks categories, and their developments in social media. Advantages and disadvantages are also explained in the study.
2 Analysis of Coated Single Point Cutting Tool
A.Nagarajan, T.S.Sangeetha
Abstract – This study presents tool wear characterization of single point cutting tool inserts coated with titanium nitride (Tin) and Al2O3.The single point cutting tool of material SAE-AISI 1037 carbon steel is selected. The coated tools exhibited superior wear resistance over the uncoated tool. The Al2O3/Tin coated tool had the lowest flank wear due to the high abrasive resistance. The coating is done according to the boundary conditions of the existing cutting tool as we selected, More than one layer are coated. The analysis of coated cutting tool is reported. Modeling of a cutting tool is designed by existing dimension. Feed force and cutting force are Analysis induced in the coated tool material.. Then the Finite element analysis is done to determine the total deformation in the existing Single point cutting tool for the given loading conditions using Finite Element Analysis software ANSYS WORKBENCH. In the first part of the study, the static loads acting on the cutting tool. The material of maximum Efficiency of single point cutting tool.

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