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Volume 3, Issue 2, November (2015)

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1 An Image Segmentation Based Clustering Technique Applied on Dental Images
Er. Jagdeep Kaur, Prof. (Dr.) Jatinder Singh
Abstract – Images play a crucial role in various applications of engineering and sciences. With advancements in image capturing devices such as digital cameras, image scanners, most of the data is analyzed from digital images. Users in the fields of medical and dental sciences are exploiting the opportunities offered by the ability to access and manipulate X-ray images in all possible ways.
2 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Neural Network
Er. Jagdeep Kaur, Prof. (Dr.) Jatinder Singh
Abstract – Intelligence means capability of an individual to learn from the environment. There are many artificial techniques, neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic which emphasize on detecting and describing relationships among vast amount of unrelated data. In this research, we have also used Evolutionary techniques which deal with the concept of global optima through coordination and cooperation between agents. The stress is on Particle Swarm Optimization based evolutionary technique and its hybrid with Neural networks.
3 Improving the Performance of Apriori Algorithm by Combining with Clustering Techniques
Nisha Rani, Yamini Chouhan
Abstract – Data mining on World Wide Web is utilized to comprehend client conduct, assess the adequacy of a specific Web website, and help evaluate the accomplishment of a specified task. It is the combination of data assembled by customary information mining philosophies and procedures with data accumulated over the World Wide Web. Data Mining means extricating something helpful or important from a baser substance. This paper is aimed to find a solution for generating different frequent item sets at each site in a cloud based network. Apriori algorithm is a very popular algorithm for data mining that is dependent upon reducing infrequent item from item sets for mining useful data. Apriori algorithm can be very slow because of no of transactions. In order to increase the efficiency of the algorithm the initial item set is further clustered using K-Means algorithm. Cloud computing and data mining are emerging technologies dealing with major issues such as security and scalability and efficiency. The proposed work aims to increase efficiency of both the technologies.
4 An Approach to Various Image Restoration Techniques
Jaspreet Kaur, Jaskiran Kaur
Abstract – Image denoising is a method of improving the degraded quality of the image to review original information. High density saturated impulse noise is the highly degraded pixels present delve and deeper in the image which hide the original content of the image and make it noisy.
5 Efficient Cryptographic Algorithms for Cloud Storage Security
Prof. Sawan Baghel, Prof. Gaurav Saboo
Abstract – The cloud computing is the information technology where user can store remotely data so as to enjoy on demand high quality application and recourses. The security is a major issue in cloud computing where privacy issues and security that need to be considered are authentication, correctness of data, availability, no storage overhead and easy maintenance, no data leakage, no data loss. Up to this system, third party demanding the confined copy of user’s data, this will increase the possibility of client files to be scarf by third party auditor. So, this system will not provide any pledge on data integrity and availability. To avoid previously mentioned problem, the client can stores their data on the server without keeping a confined copy of data and thus can provide privacy against third-party auditor. So, this system will not leak any private information to the third party auditor. To achieve this objective, this system have implemented Kerberos as a Third Party Auditor, RSA algorithm for secure communication, MD5 algorithm is used to verify data integrity, Data centers is used for storing of data on cloud in effective manner with secured environment and provides Multilevel Security to Database.
6 Designing an Intelligent Microcontroller based Pipeline Monitoring System with Alarm, Sensor
Igbajar Abraham, Barikpoa Akpe Nwako
Abstract – Pipeline Vandalism is a serious issue associated with oil spill that has been happening in Nigeria on regular bases. According to an international report, “oil theft in Nigeria is on industrial scale”. Oil theft poses serious threat to Nigeria’s economy that largely depends on oil for her sustenance. Pipeline Vandalism can occur anywhere at any point in time within the areas covered by the pipeline network. This can lead to oil spillage, thus causing environmental pollution and public health issues. This paper deliberates on an intelligent architectural design and model for real-time detection of oil spillage using technology such as automated crack and vandalism detection sms alert for pipeline with remote monitoring and location specification. As part of this research, some mechanisms have been adopted for the design. They include communication system, Trans-receiver, micro-controller, assembly language program, GSM module, Alarm and power supply. The system is designed in such a way that whenever a leakage is detected in the pipeline, it will trigger alarm and send sms to the control unit. The control unit will use the system interface to ascertain the exact point of the leakage detected for possible action. During the design phase, simulation of system and all modules were tested individually. Similarly, the whole system was tested to perform the required task of detecting any leakage when the rubber on the pipes is removed which quickly triggers the microcontroller and subsequently alerts the personnel for necessary actions to be taken.
7 An Interesting Diophantine Problem on Triples-I
M.A.Gopalan, S.Vidhyalakshm, V.Geetha, Rukmani
Abstract – We search for three non-zero distinct integers a, b, c such that, if a non-zero integer is added to the sum of any pair of them as well as to their sum, the results are all squares.
8 Structural Analysis of Passenger Car Exhaust System by Using Hypermesh
Venugopala Reddy Kussam, Jithendra Kumar B
Abstract – The Automobile exhaust system is used for silencing the noise caused by the high pressure exhaust gases are releasing in to the atmosphere. It is important to control the emissions and a part of combustion. Exhaust systems are a special type of size and geometry, the constraints placed in the design of a car. It is found that the induced vibrations are spread along the exhaust system and the forces are transmitted to the car body. To reduce the forces, adding of decoupling elements like flex-couplings and isolators are used. The vibrations could induce structural noise in the passenger car. The adopting procedure includes a correlation and model updating step can be done by using Finite element method and optimization technique.
9 Design and Analysis of Flywheel by Using Finite Element Analysis
Madhusudhan Reddy K, Suneel Kumar B
Abstract – A Flywheel is used in machines which is used to stores energy and energy is more than the requirement releases the requirement of energy is more than supply. A Flywheel is located on one end of the crankshaft and its inertia it reduces the vibration which outs the power stroke in each cylinder fires. The Flywheel is designed in 3D modelling CATIA. The analysis of the will be done by the prototype of Flywheel is done by using Cast Iron and aluminium alloy A360. The comparison can be done with the materials and the best material after the analysis is Flywheel aluminium alloy A360.
10 An Interesting Diophantine Problem on Triples-III
M.A.Gopalan, S.Vidhyalakshmi, E.Premalatha, K.Agalya
Abstract – This paper concerns with an interesting Diophantine problem and aims at determining explicitly three non-zero distinct integers a, b, c such that, a + b + N,a + c + N,b + c + N and a +b + c + N is a perfect square. A methods has been considered to obtain the three required integers a,b,c . This shows that there are many triples in integers, each satisfying the considered kind of pattern among its members.
11 Short Term Load Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks (Anns) For Umuahia, Nigeria
Iroegbu Chibuisi, Okeke Chukwuma
Abstract – The electric power industry is currently undergoing an unprecedented reform. One of the most exciting and potentially profitable recent developments is increasing usage of artificial intelligence techniques. This paper presents a study of short-term load forecasting using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) for Umuahia, Nigeria. Historical load data obtained from the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) for the month of August 2015 were used. The main stages are the pre-processing of the data sets, network training, and forecasting. The implementation of the network architecture, training of the Neural Network and simulation of test results were all successful with a very high degree of accuracy resulting into 24 hourly load output. The accuracy of the forecasts was verified by comparing the simulated outputs from the network with obtained results from the utility company. The Absolute Mean Error (AME) (%) between the ‘forecast’ and ‘target’ loads has been calculated to be 1.73%. This represents a high degree of accuracy in the ability of neural networks to forecast electric load.
12 On Interesting Integer Triple
M.A.Gopalan, S.Vidhyalaksmi, J.Shanthi
Abstract – We search for non-zero distinct integer triples (a0, a1, a2) such that each of the expressions a0a1,a0 + a2, a1 + a2 is a perfect square.
13 Review of Wavelet Transform and KLT
Aarti Namdeo, Anand Khare
Abstract – This paper contains the review of WT and KLT. Wavelet Transform and Karhunen-Loeve Transform (KLT) are used for image enhancement. The WT is known for its denoise ability and KLT for de-correlation ability.
14 A Survey Paper on Improving Money Transaction Security Using AES and Steganography
Ekta Chauhan
Abstract – In the present age technology of communication has been developed, which increase the secure data communication need. The two most important security aspects that deal with the transmitting data or information over some medium like Internet are steganography and encryption method. Steganography deals with the hiding information presence of a message and encryption deals with hiding the information plain text to unread data. Both of them are used to confirm security. AES is a variable bit block cipher and uses 128, 192 and 256 bits length of variable key length. In this paper for high security purpose using both AES and steganography and also for reduce encryption and decryption time using parallel processing also.
15 Renovating Robots
R.Sugantha Lakshmi, J.Ambika
Abstract – Robots have become a subject of great interest now a-days. In this day and age, robots work alongside humans in hotels and factories, while driverless cars are being test driven on the roads. Robots have long captured the human imagination. But despite many advances, robots have yet to reach the potential so often envisioned in science fiction. Today's engineers and computer scientists are still pursuing one missing ingredient: high intelligence. The goal of this article is to introduce the reader to the rich and vibrant field of robotics, in hopes of laying out an agenda for future research on robots. The primary purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive description about the past, present-day and futuristic robotics.

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