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Volume 5, Issue 2, February (2017)

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1 Double Encryption Using Rijndael Algorithm for Data Security in Cloud Computing
D.Gayathri, Manjula.A
Abstract – Cloud Computing is a new computing paradigm that attracted many computer users, business and government agencies. Cloud computing brought a lot of advantages where everyone can access computer services through internet, thus avoiding physical hardware or servers .In this case Data security becomes more important while storing data to cloud. Cloud computing provides a way to share distributed resources and services that belong to different organizations or sites. The resources shared with the cloud are accessed via a network in an open environment can make a security threat (passive or active threats) to our data. In this paper the authors implemented Rijndael and explain the security lies in it when stored data in encrypted form. Besides the security provided by the cloud storage provider, storing data in double encrypted format using Rijndael provides confidentiality. Here to encrypt a file we are using Rijndael algorithm. After encrypting (the process of converting plain text to cipher text using substitutions and transpositions) the data is un-intelligible and confidential; we can decrypt (the process of converting cipher text to plain text) the file to get the plain text. Hence the personal data remains secure thus avoiding security breach in cloud.
2 Concept of Reactive Power and Voltage Stability in Power System Network - A Review
Namrata R. Thakur, Tushar T. Balpande, Kishor Deshmukh, Abhishek Thaknaik
Abstract – In recent days it has been necessary to understand the concept of reactive power and its effect on the electrical power system. Also the need of voltage stability is studied. The important of this topic is basically to understand the reactive power concept and voltage stability methods used in the power system network. Some challenges in the research area had different issues which are solved with the help of voltage stability concept. Electric utilities are facing the voltage stability challenges mostly, so it is an economical solution to overcome this challenge. It began with an overview of reactive power and voltage stability in transmission, distribution and load, and the importance of providing reactive power locally. The description of selected control features of shunt power systems such as SVC (Static Var Compensator) – static compensators of reactive power, STATCOM-type systems (Static Compensator), static reactive power generators and systems that combine both these solutions, which are referred to as SVC based on STATCOM were not left out.
3 Study on Conceptual Design of Ocean Compressed Air Energy Storage System
Priya R. Kokate, Namrata P. Katyarmal, Akansha A. khaparkar
Abstract – In this paper we can study the ocean compressed air energy storage system. We can used any type of energy that is wind, ocean currents, tides in the system. The OCAES system with thermal energy storage is presented on the based on present compressed air energy storage system design. The overall efficiency is 65.9 %. . In addition, finite element simulations are presented which show the flow induced loads which will be experienced by OCAES air containers on the ocean floor. Compressed air energy storage is another promising energy storage technology worth studying because CAES is a scalable, economical, and proven technology.
4 Survey on Robotic Arm Controlling Technique
V.Priyanka, E.Thangaselvi
Abstract – Robotic arm is a mechanical arm to perform the desired task. In today’s world there is an increasing need to create artificial arms for different inhuman situations where human interaction is difficult or impossible. Humans pick things up without thinking about the steps involved. So the robotic arm is controlled manually by using wired and wireless. In this paper, various methods were studied to control robotic arm and also discussing about various drawbacks.
5 A Review Downlink Performance Analysis of Signal Using MIMO Technology
Anant Kumar Tiwari, Pushpendra Chaturvedi, Pushpraj Tanwar
Abstract – A Review Paper of Demand for broadband services continues to grow. Conventional high-speed broadband solutions are based on wired-access technologies, such as digital subscriber line (DSL).This type of solution is difficult to deploy in remote areas, and furthermore it lacks support for terminal mobility. The WiMAX standard has emerged to harmonize the wide variety of different BWA technologies. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) multiplexing is a promising technology that could greatly increase the channel capacity without additional spectral resources. The challenge is to design low complexity and high performance algorithms that capable of accurately detecting the transmitted signals. As an extension to the basic MIMO mode, a number of 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO extensions are analyzed. Simulated Bit Error Rate and Signal to Noise Rate are presented for each link speed. Different aspects have been considered and discussed in this evaluation such as; signal to noise ratio, channel matrix conditionality, number of transmit and receive antennas, and other performance limiting factors. When we will work on the different MIMO techniques at the receiving end we will use different equalizer, different diversity techniques (SM,STBC,EigenBeamforming) different modulation techniques to see which one will shows the better BER performance with the relaying channel and AWGN channel.BER Performance comparisons and graphs have been generated using an optimized simulator. This simulator has been developed using MATLAB® platform.
6 Intelligent and Secured Attribute Based Cloud Data Maintenance with Advanced Searching Scheme
Ramanuja Rao Kotaprolu, Rajarao PBV
Abstract – In this system a special tree-based index structure is constructed and proposes a ―Greedy Depth-first Search‖ algorithm to provide efficient multi-keyword ranked search. The proposed scheme can achieve sub-linear search time and deal with the deletion and insertion of documents flexibly. Extensive experiments are conducted to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed scheme. Due to the increasing popularity of cloud computing, more and more data owners are motivated to outsource their data to cloud servers for great convenience and reduced cost in data management. However, sensitive data should be encrypted before outsourcing for privacy requirements, which obsoletes data utilization like keyword-based document retrieval. In this system, we present a secure multi-keyword ranked search scheme over encrypted cloud data, which simultaneously supports dynamic update operations like deletion and insertion of documents. Specifically, the vector space model and the widely-used TFIDF model are combined in the index construction and query generation. We construct a special tree-based index structure and propose a ―Greedy Depthfirst Search‖ algorithm to provide efficient multi-keyword ranked search. The secure kNN algorithm is utilized to encrypt the index and query vectors, and meanwhile ensure accurate relevance score calculation between encrypted index and query vectors. In order to resist statistical attacks, phantom terms are added to the index vector for blinding search results. Due to the use of our special tree-based index structure, the proposed scheme can achieve sublinear search time and deal with the deletion and insertion of documents flexibly. Extensive experiments are conducted to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed scheme.
7 The Benefits and Challenges of Demonetisation in India
Abstract – The argument posited in favour of demonetization is that the cash that would be extinguished would be “black money” and hence, should be rightfully extinguished to set right the perverse incentive structure in the economy. While the facts are not available to anybody, it would be foolhardy to argue that this is the only possibility. Therefore, it is imperative to evaluate the short run and medium-term impacts that such a shock is expected to have on the economy. Further, the impact of such a move would vary depending on the extent to which the government decides to remonetize. This paper elucidates the impact of such a move on the availability of credit, spending and level of activity and government finances.
8 Context-aware approach to improve result of forecasting enrollment in fuzzy time series
Loc Vu Minh, Nghia Huynh Pham Thanh
Abstract – This paper present a novel method for forecasting enrollment based on Contex-Aware approach. Hedge Algebras (HA) with The fuzzy parameters to determine the fuzziness intervals which used to quantify the values of fuzzy time series. The intervals are determined through the fuzziness intervals and adjusted fuzzy logical relationships. Each value language (terms) have two semantics: The semantics described by fuzzy set, which Often depends on the person's subjective, who assigns membership function for fuzzy set and its inherent semantics are defined by the context of the problem under review. HA has role unified two types of semantics by through data of the problem to identify its the fuzzy parameters.This means the forecasting enrollment has been solved by the Context-Aware approach. The experimental results, forecasting enrollments at the University of Alabama, demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms the others listed methods.
9 Review on Microcontroller Based Disease Predicting System Using Sensor and GSM in Plant
Harshal T. Gujarkar, Sachin S. Wankhade, Vishal H. Manwar, Mayur D. Ghatole
Abstract – In the past pair of decades, there is swift ambit in terms of technology in the field of agriculture. extraneous monitoring and controlled disposition are installed in order to boost the yield. The yield rate may deceases due to numerous factors. Disease is one of the key factors that cause the degradation of yield. So the developed monitoring system mainly focuses on predicting the start of germination of the disease. Sensor module is used to ascertain different environmental condition beyond the farm and the sensed data is show on Liquid crystal display using microcontroller. Microcontroller wirelessly transmits distinct environment conditions beyond the farm to central unit where data is stored, and analyzed. Central unit checks the present data with disease condition and if matches then it commands microcontroller to operate relay. Sensor module is tested for different temperature range and it is found that there are little variations in recorded values. Wireless data transfer is tested with the introduction of various obstacles like wall, metal body, magnet, etc. and it is found that same data is transferred to central unit but with some amount of deferment in it. The developed system nearly predicts the start of germination of disease.
10 Integral Solutions of the Quadratic Diophantine Equations
A.Kavitha, D.Licy
Abstract – The binary quadratic equation represented by the positive Pellian y2 = 18x2 + 1is analyzed for its distnict integer solutions. A few interesting relations among the solutions are also given .Further, employing the solutions of the above hyperbola; we have obtained solutions of other choices of hyperbolas Parabolas and special Pythagorean triangle.

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