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Volume 5, Issue 3, March (2017)

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1 A Survey on Wireless Sensor Network Technique for Secure Railway Operation
Ankush D. Bole, AnupBoke, Ashvini B. Nagdewate
Abstract - Railways are large infrastructures and are considered as safest mode of transportation. In present scenario, inspectors walking the track lines and train cars instrumented with accelerometers along with ultrasonic sensors are the methods to detect the wear of the rail and breakages. Near about 10,000 accidents has been occurred in last eight years. Thus, a proper maintenance strategy is required to govern optimization of inspection frequency and/or improvement in skill and efficiency. This paper deals with the surveys which is associated with various technologies available in wireless sensor networks. Eventually, which could be used to prevent accidents and ultimately safety and security of railway transportation can be achieved.
2 Automated Face Recognition System for Criminals via Dictionary Learning
Manisha D. Sakharkar, Tubasamer M. Pathan, Dipika D. Kalsait, Arati S. Kailuke
Abstract - The paper is mainly based on the face recognition of criminals from the images and videos. It allow the easy recognition without maintaining the paper record. We address the problem of robust face recognition with undersampled training data. Given only one or few training images available per subject, we present a novel recognition approach.
3 Document Annotation by Content and Querrying Value
Arati S. Kailuke, Dipika D. Kalsait, Tubasamer M. Pathan, Manisha D. Sakharkar
Abstract - The paper is mainly about the generation of the structured metadata by identifying documents which contain targeted information and this information is going to be subsequently useful for querying the database. We proposed adaptive techniques to suggest relevant attributes to annotate a document, trying to satisfy the user querying needs. Our solution is based on a probabilistic framework that considers the evidence in the document content and the query workload. We present two ways to combine these two pieces of evidence, content value and querying value.
4 Person Tracking Web Application Development Based on ePC
R.Pavitra, S.Karthikeyan
Abstract - At the beginning mobile phones were developed only in proper vocal condition for speaking communication but nowadays it has changed. The present acceptance of smart phones is mostly due to the possibility of selecting mobile apps that suit one's needs. The mobility of the devices can enhance applications with location-based information. Location based intimation, is a mobile base application built on the Android platform that provides personal location-based services such as location intimation, Google mapping and search previous places. So such an intimation system allows to creating location based intimation, and alerts the user by sending an SMS/Email. In this project, we develop a mobile application based on ePC platform for a purpose of homosapien. This application is used to track a person easily and provide a security for human being. In this app, only registered mobile users are enable to track the person and they will send a SMS automatically without using internet and a web application is also developed for the purpose of E-mail notification through internet . The unique features of this app uses location based technologies effectively and set this app apart from the rest of the apps in the market.
5 Automated Polyhouse Using Image Processing
T.Saranya, P.vijayalakshmi, K.sushmitha, R.swetha
Abstract - Internets of things and image processing have been so far applied for various applications independently. This paper describes an approach to combine IOT and image processing in order to determine the environment or man-made factor. Here the controlling mechanism for monitoring the environment factors inside a polyhouse is proposed. In this technique the ambient temperature, humidity can be monitored and controlled using raspberry pi. Also camera is interface with raspberry pi to find the disease attacked plant using image processing technique. Raspberry pi has inbuilt Wi-Fi by using that farmer can check those status inside the polyhouse through mobile application.
6 Multi Machining Operating Machine with Single Power Source
Lakshmi N, Chakradhar K, Aasadeep A
Abstract - Industries are basically meant for Production of useful goods and services at low production cost, machinery cost and low inventory cost. Today in this world every task have been made quicker and fast due to technology advancement but this advancement also demands huge investments and expenditure, every industry desires to make high productivity rate maintaining the quality and standard of the product at low average cost. In an industry a considerable portion of investment is being made for machinery installation. So in this project we have a proposed a machine which can perform operations like drilling, sawing & grinding at different working centers simultaneously which implies that industrialist have not to pay for machine performing above tasks individually for operating operation simultaneously.
7 Operating Slider Crank Mechanism by Wind Energy
Subba Rao B, Sai Gowtham P, Tej Kamal Ch
Abstract - Energy is the requirement for every sector i.e., agriculture, transport, domestic, commercial etc, raising prices of oil and gas at present and future lead to concerns about the security of energy supply need to sustain our economic growth. Increased use of fossil fuel result in environmental problems both locally & globally. Because of this reasons, there is need to sustainable path of energy development. Promotion of energy conversion &use of renewable energy source and twin plants of suitable energy. India has a variety of renewable energy source, such as biomass, solar, wind etc. Wind energy is a indirect form of solar energy. About 1% of total solar radiation that reach earth is converted into energy of wind. By using the turbine blades, shaft, mechanism (belt or chain or gear), dynamo, supported stands can generate the electricity by wind. With the use of this energy is stored in batteries and is used to run the slider crank mechanism which is a source of engine.
8 A Review on Improvement of Power Quality using D-STATCOM
Abhishek S. Thaknaik, Kishor P. Deshmukh, B. S. Rakhonde
Abstract - Maximum AC loads consumes reactivepower, it causes poor power quality in power system. In this paper an attempts has been to analyses the role of D-statcom (Distribution static compensator) andlocated at load side in the distribution system, which can to eliminating or overcome the problems of source side likevoltage sag and interruption etc. In order to maintain the power system quality the D-statcom will absorb and providereactive power to mitigate voltage sag, swell, interruption and improve powerfacor in various conditions. D-statcom used to supply thereactive power and absorb the real power to maintain power quality as well. The detailed modeling and simulations of different control strategies are presented and implemented along with the necessary equations in the MATLAB simulink using the simpower systems tool boxes.
9 Smart AGRO Using ARDUINO and GSM
P.Rekha, T.Saranya, P.Preethi, L.Saraswathi, G.Shobana
Abstract - In this project came from the countries where economy is based on agriculture and the climatic conditions lead to lack of rains & scarcity of water. The farmers working in the farm lands are solely dependent on the rains and bore wells for irrigation of the land. Even if the farm land has a water-pump, manual intervention by farmers is required to turn the pump on/off whenever needed and also the farmer need safety for their components and they need vegetable safety from wild animals. The aim of our project is to minimize this manual intervention by the farmer, which is why we are using a ARDUINO UNO. If the wild animals is entering inside the farm land means will be altered. So this project is very useful to modern agriculture.
10 A Study on Influence of Phosphogypsum on Durability of the Conctere
Koduru.Srinivasalu, P.Raghava
Abstract - Cement consumption in any country is directly related to the country's infrastructure sector and thus growth in determining the development of the country. World demand for cement is projected to rise 4.5% per year to 5.2 billion metric in 2019.India is the second largest producer of cement in the world. Cement has a negative impact over Environmental, because at the time of manufacturing it emits about a ton of greenhouse gas (CO2) into the atmosphere for every ton of cement manufactured. Production of Portland cement not only releases 7% of the World's carbon dioxide, the cement industry also uses a lot of natural resources such as limestone, clay, petroleum, coal and other substances to preserve the natural resources and to reduce the pollution due to the production of cement is by limiting the cement content in the concrete without compromising the strength. There were efforts before to partially replace cement in concrete with new compounds and industry by-products. Phosphogypsum is a by-product of phosphate fertilizer plants and chemical industries for manufacture of phosphoric acid by the action of sulphuric acid on the rock phosphate. It can be gainfully utilized in cement and building materials industries. It needs beneficiation before use because of the presence of deleterious constituents like P2O5 and fluoride. The disposal of phosphogypsum is a serious environmental problem. This problem along with scarcity of cement, and its increased cost can be solved to some extent by partial replacing the cement in concrete with phosphogypsum. Due to its pozzolonic properties it can be used for partial replacement of cement. The present paper deals with the experimental investigation on compressive strength, tensile strength, impact strength and durability characteristics of hardened concrete. The study aims to determine the optimum amount of phosphogypsum that can give maximum strength to the concrete. The experiment consists of testing concrete using 0%, 2.5%, 7.5%, 5%, and 10% replacement of phosphogypsum for M20, M25, and M30 grades of concrete. It is observed that cement can be replaced with phosphogypsum to develop to good and hardened concrete to achieve economy.
11 Home Automation System Based on Gesture Recognition System
Priyanka D. Hatwar, Neha A. Wahile, Isha M. Padiya
Abstract - Old aged or disabled persons who can't walk are most sensitive persons and they must be served in a systematic, quick, sophisticated and efficient manner by very little effort. The problem is that there is no anybody who is always with them for 24 hours. Speech recognition can be used to serve the old aged or disable persons and to give a full control to them so that they may control all the appliances of home. Traditional home automation systems are not cost effective and they are not suitable for aging populations or disable persons. This paper presents an effective method to overcome these problems. We have designed and implemented a low-cost, reliable, efficient and secure speech operated system for home appliances especially for persons with disabilities to do their work at home. This system is both software and hardware designed using MATLAB R2009a. This system is divided into three main parts namely voice train process, voice recognition process and integration of hardware with MATLAB. This system used speaker dependent method. This proposed design is novel in the way that it is controlling loads by speech recognition using MATLAB to turn on/off loads via parallel port of a computer.
12 Prototype Model of Solar Charging Station
Bhavesh S. Bhopale, Shilpa Mahore, Abhilash R. Lomate, Nilima R. Kharsan
Abstract - A solar power charging station is designed so that device can be charged outdoors and in an environmentally friendly way. This system converts solar energy to electricity and stores it in a battery bank. Microcontrollers prevents the batteries from being overcharged and prevent the system from being used when the batteries need charging. The intrinsic qualities of solar design afford it great utility for the following reason. Most developing countries are located in a remote region with optimal access to the sun rays, and not much else, most resources for fuel and energy that are available to developing countries can only we used by exploitation of the ecosystem, which leads to social decline, rising global independence of fossil fuels quickness the need for solar technology, which will increase competition and lower prices, solar system are relatively affordable and applicable to both home and villages, as household of industrialized nations are using solar more than ever before, within solar technologies , passive solar design is absolutely the ultimate in renewable energy for buildings, and can be coupled with solar panel to archived maximum comfort and sustainability. Many projects capitalizing on solar power have already been implemented in developing countries, and serve as encouraging results for many more to come. In this, the fomentation topics will be addressed to exemplify why solar power is best choice for sustainability and renewable energy in developing countries, and how completed project and on -going work in remote location may lay the foundation for standards of excellence in this field.
13 Privacy Preserving of Sensitive Data Using Encryption Techniques
Jyothi Mandala
Abstract - Data Mining is a process of extracting useful information from large data repositories. Privacy-preserving Data Mining is a research direction in data mining where data mining algorithms can be applied without compromising with the privacy of the data. Data can be stored in centralized or distributed database. This paper includes privacy preserving data mining (PPDM) technique using encryption approach which would be efficient in providing confidentiality.
14 Design and Analysis of Piston in Internal Combustion Engine Using ANSYS
P.Viswabharathy, N.Jeyakumar, P.kannan, A.Vairamuthu
Abstract - In this paper, the wok is carried out to measure the stress and temperature distribution on the top surface of the piston. In I.C. Engine piston is most complex and important part therefore for smooth running of vehicle piston should be in proper working condition. Pistons fail mainly due to mechanical stresses and thermal stresses. Analysis of piston is done with boundary conditions, which includes pressure on piston head during working condition and uneven temperature distribution from piston head to skirt. The analysis predicts that due to temperature whether the top surface of the piston may be damaged or broken during the operating conditions, because damaged or broken parts are so expensive to replace and generally are not easily available. The CAD model is created using CREO3.0 TOOL. CAD model is imported into the Hyper Mesh for geometry cleaning and meshing purpose. The FEA is performed by using RADIOSS. The topology optimization of the model is done using OptiStruct module of Hyper Works software.
15 On The Positive Pell Equation y2=19x2+20
A.kavitha, B.kiruthika
Abstract - The binary quadratic equation represented by the pellian y2=19x2+20 is analyzed for its distinct integer solutions. A few interesting relations among the solutions are also given. Further, employing the solutions of the above hyperbola, we have obtained solutions of other choices of hyperbolas, parabolas.
16 On The Positive Pell Equation y2=20x2+16
A.kavitha, P. Lavanya
Abstract - The binary quadratic equation represented by the pellian y2=20x2+16 is analyzed for its distinct integer solutions. A few interesting relations among the solutions are also given. Further, employing the solutions of the above hyperbola, we have obtained solutions of other choices of hyperbolas, parabolas.
17 Integer solutions of The Pell Equation y2=15x2+9
A.kavitha, A.priya
Abstract - The binary quadratic equation represented by the Pellian y2=15x2+1 is analyzed for its distinct integer solutions. A few interesting relations among the solutions are also given. Further, employing the solutions of the above hyperbola, we have obtained solutions of other choices of hyperbolas, parabolas.
18 Stress Strain Behaviour of Confined Normal Grade Concrete
Kalluru.Rajasekhar, M.Praveen Kumar
Abstract - The concrete using in the civil engineering structures generally have low tensile properties compared to the reinforced concrete. In order to attain high strength and properties, here we are going to test the behaviour of the reinforced concrete using hoops. An experimental investigation into the behaviour of circular, confined, reinforced concrete columns was undertaken. Thirty 150 mm diameter, 300 mm high units were cast with varying amounts of longitudinal and lateral steel. These were subjected to concentric or eccentric axial loads to failure at slow or dynamic loading rates. Confinement requirements of reinforced concrete columns are discussed and the results and analyses of experimental work presented. Results include an assessment of the significance of loading rate, eccentricity, amount and distribution of longitudinal steel, and the amount of confining steel. A general stress-strain curve for circular concrete sections loaded at seismic rates is proposed and compared with existing curves based on previous static loading tests. Knowledge of the stress-strain curve for confined concrete is particularly important for columns with high axial load levels, when the moment curvature characteristics of the column are largely dependent on the concrete compressive strength and the stress strain relationship. The testing was generally carried out in load controlled testing machines at slow loading rates. Behaviour under these conditions has been used to predict behaviour under seismic conditions, which are characterized by displacement control, rapid loading rates, repeated load application, and eccentricity of loading, recently more realistically sized units have been used but not under simulated seismic conditions.
19 Smart Energy Meter Updating the Daily Usage Load Control over GSM with PIC Controller
Monica D, Mythreyi S, Nandhini Devi B, Santhi Ponraj
Abstract - Smart meter gives information regarding the consumption of energy in real time. Digital energy meters give information regarding the consumption of energy to all consumers through mobile phones on regular basis via SMS. To enable remote monitoring of electric meter, PIC may be interfaced with timer installed, which may further be transmitted to phone and TNEB office. In this proposal, a working methodology and approach of PIC system with different communication devices and their protocols has been incorporated.
20 Security Concepts Underlying MANET
Dr. Deepak Chahal, Dr. Latika Kharb
Abstract - Ad-hoc networking is a concept in computer communications, which means that users wanting to communicate with each other form a temporary network, without any form of centralized administration. Each node participating in the network acts both as host and a router and must therefore is willing to forward packets for other nodes. For this purpose, a routing protocol is needed. An ad-hoc network has certain characteristics, which imposes new demands on the routing protocol. In this paper, we have discussed about ad hoc networks and their types along with routing and forwarding mechanism in ad hoc network. Recent advancement of wireless technologies like Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11 introduced a new type of wireless system known as Mobile ad-hoc network (MANETs), which operate in the absence of central access point. It provides high mobility and device portability's that enable to node connect network and communicate to each other. It allows the devices to maintain connections to the network as well as easily adding and removing devices in the network. User has great flexibility to design such a network at cheapest cost and minimum time.
21 The Ubiquitous Camcorder Based Efficient Learing for Typhlotic Person
P.Nirmala, P.Rekha, S.Aishwarya, J.Nithya, T.Suriya
Abstract - We propose a camera-based assistive text reading framework to help blind persons read text labels and product packaging from hand-held objects in their daily lives. To isolate the object from cluttered backgrounds or other surrounding objects in the camera view, we first propose an efficient and effective motionbased method to define a region of interest (ROI) in the video by asking the user to shake the object. This method extracts moving object region by a mixture-of-Gaussians based background subtraction method. In the extracted ROI, text localization and recognition are conducted to acquire text information. To automatically localize the text regions from the object ROI, we propose a novel text localization algorithm by learning gradient features of stroke orientations and distributions of edge pixels in an Adaboost model. Text characters in the localized text regions are then binarized and recognized by off-the-shelf optical character recognition (OCR) software. The recognized text codes are output and users in speech.
22 Human Health Monitoring Using AMM
G.Sandra Karunya, Divya Rekha.A, Mamtha.P, Shilpa.K.M
Abstract - It has been always a challenging task for the researchers to incorporate information technology advancement in medical profession.The design and development of wearable biosensor system for health monitoring has garnered lots of attention in the scientific community and the industry during the last years. Wearable sensor-based systems will potentially transform the future of healthcare by enabling proactive personal health management and ubiquitous monitoring of a patient's condition .This paper attempts to comprehensively review the current reaserch and development on wearable biosensor systems for health monitoring.Human-machine interaction is a step towards achieving this goal.The motive behind developing this interface is to sense early and accurately a seizure triggering,create an alarm system for the patient and his doctors and relatives whenever and wherever required.
23 Personalised Tag Sensing for Photos on Social Websites
Sonali G. Titare, Prerna R. Tompe, Dikha P. Kapse, Monika R. Nagose
Abstract - The tag sensing becomes very important to organize and search photos on social websites. In this paper we focus on the personalised tag sensing and try to identify user preferred and geo-location specific as well as similar tags by using rich context of the freely available community contributed photos. Different users have different tags according to geo-location and user preference therefore we propose a subspace learning method which is used to individually uncover the space shared by both types of preferences that is user preference learning and geolocation learning. The goal of our work is to identify the space shared by the visual and textual domain and to make the visual features and textual features comparable. Considering that texual features have higher level representation than the visual features, therefore to bridge the semantic gap between these two features first we have to map the visual features into an intermediate space, and then perform the transform from the intermediate one to the unified space. Given an untagged photo with its geo-location to a user, the user-preferred and the geo-location-specific tags are found then we combine the obtained tags and the visual appearance of the photo to discover the semantically and visually related photos, among which the most frequent tags are used as the recommended tags.
24 Automated Medication Kit
Neha S. Chourasia, Chakradhar C. Takalkhede, Surbhi S.Singh, Pritam S.Bhute, Kamini N.Pardhi
Abstract - Medication errors are common and often occur with patients who are aged or extremely busy in their schedule or else they belong to rural area. The process of ageing and taking several prescription medicines is associated with an increased risk of medication error. Medication reconciliation is an important element of patients' safety. Apart from forgetfulness, some patients are unable to read the names written on the medicine. This may lead to negative consequences for patients. This project proposes design of an automated system which reminds people of their medication schedule and can also bypass the requirement for search of medicines to be taken at a specific time. Doctor's desk is software that communicates with patient's kit (hardware) through RF module. This project aims to design the kit for such patients to avoid the medical adherence. The kit has 3 compartments for 3 different types of medication and 1 compartment as an emergency kit. Each compartment has one LED which indicates the particular medication compartment during a particular alarm time. The person is notified by a Buzzer. An acknowledgement switch is provided so that whenever patient takes his prescribed dose, a feedback is sent to the doctor. This project contains a medicine box which is the main part of the product, it also includes GSM module, a voice playback, buzzer, RFID, LED which display the information for patients, a PIC controller to operate the monitoring function .It also contain temperature sensor, blood pressure sensor, heart beat detector. It also display information to the commander terminal PC in nursing centre, in that all the information about the patient is present.
25 Disintegration and Power Load Supply in Cloud
S.P.Audline Beena, C.M.Narmatha, S.Ranjani
Abstract - At present the energy consumption of the cloud servers are unchecked or undistributed hence it leads to some servers underutilized and some servers being over utilized. To address the energy consumption problem we propose a distribution process which efficiently distributed energy among the underutilized and over utilized servers to make them both to average and turning off the unnecessary servers so that the basic energy consumption of one full server is saved. First the critical points for a server to be classified as underutilized and average performance and over utilized is set, once the virtual machines has been distributed according to the load the distribution algorithm runs to find which servers are underutilized and average performance. Once the servers are identified the virtual machines from underutilized servers are transferred to average performance serers and the underutilized servers are turned off. While the transfer of virtual machine is being done it also makes sure that the average servers are not changed to over utilized servers to save physical damage to the servers.
26 Ecstatic Deception from Video Using Oxidate Zest
V. Aravindh, L. Malliga arjunan, P. Naveen, A. Mathan Gopi, Dr.Rajini Girinath
Abstract - To represent complex human emotional expressions Various Dimensional models has been used. Activation and valence are two common dimensions in such models. They can be used to describe certain emotions. This project proposes to recognise emotion of humans. Using multitask learning frame work which uses Thermal images. Thermal imaging is an efficient technology to detect the deception of the person (subject) during the enquiry orinterview and it saves time. Dimensional models have been proposed in psychology studies to represent complex human emotional expressions. Two common dimensions in such models are Activation and valence. They can be used to describe certain emotions. This project proposes to recognize emotion of humans. Using multitask learning frame work which uses Thermal images. We report an 87% ability to predict the lie/truth responses based on a within-person methodology and fivefold cross validation. Our results also show that the between person approach for modelling deception does not generalize very well across the training data.
27 Secured Polling for Avoidance of Recasting and Proxy Casting
R.Charumathy, R.Kavitha, N.Rashmi
Abstract - The voters cast their vote to select right candidate, where they simply put their vote in voting box and at the end of the voting day the votes are going to be count manually. This process was much time consuming as well as was erroneous. To overcome this drawback Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) was introduced. In EVM, Voter cast their vote by pressing the voting button which was on EVM. The Major advantage of EVM system is, the votes are counted automatically instead of manually. But the drawback of EVM machine was, the votes may get manipulated and was not secure. So to overcome all these drawbacks, research on biometric based voting system is going on. This Paper focuses on survey of different voting system using Fingerprint biometric through different algorithms and methods. Also authors combined both steganographic and cryptographic techniques to demystify authentication security requirements of an online e-voting system using both secret key and voters biometric fingerprint template as the cover. The proposed model is an improvement on method by embedding Voter's Unique Identification Number and System generated and SHA256hashed secret key created during registration on Voters Fingerprint template as unique.
28 Real Time Face Identification in Smart Car Security System
Rinki K. Wadhawa, Payal R.Sharma, Sneha S. Sardar, D. B. Pohare
Abstract - In this modern age, there is rapid increase in number of vehicles and so there is the number of car theft attempts. Thus, the protection of vehicles from theft becomes important due to insecure environment. Real time vehicle security system based on computer vision provides a solution to this problem. The proposed vehicle system performs a image processing based real time user authentication using 'Face Detection' and recognisation techniques and microprocessor based control system fixed on board with the vehicle. If the car seems to be theft, the owner will be conveyed with the image of thief, and latitude and longitude information through SMS (short messaging service). The SMS will send on owner's mobile periodically and on receiving the SMS the owner has to send a secret code through SMS to the car, then the car will stop immediately; for that a microcontroller has to be placed in the car which will stop the car by using relay system in the car. At the same time system will detect occurrence of any accident. In such a situation the system will send message to the police station, ambulance, owner and nominated cell number by owner. This will provide fast service at the accident place.
29 Border Alert System for Fisherman with Boat Speedometer Using RSSI
P.Maragatha vijayashanthi, S.Monisha, T.karthiga
Abstract - This work presents a low power outdoor localization system that implements a power management technique in order to control the wakeup and sleep of the different modules in the system. Through this technique, the system achieves 6.7 A in sleep mode. A new weighted least mean squares solution algorithm that is based on received signal strength indicator (RSSI) measurements is introduced. Early experimentation demonstrated that the low bandwidth of BLE signals compared to WiFi is the cause of significant measurement error when coupled with the use of three BLE advertising channels. The physics underlying this behavior is verified in simulation. The proposed system is not only capable of obstacle avoidance but also of path planning in complex environments which include fast moving obstacles. Results obtained on real sonar data are shown and discussed. Possible applications to sonar serving and real-time motion Estimation are also discussed.
30 Home Automation System Based on Speech Recognition
Neha A. Wahile, Priyanka D. Hatwar, Isha M. Padiya
Abstract - Old aged or disabled persons who can't walk are most sensitive persons and they must be served in a systematic, quick, sophisticated and efficient manner by very little effort. The problem is that there is no anybody who is always with them for 24 hours. Speech recognition can be used to serve the old aged or disable persons and to give a full control to them so that they may control all the appliances of home. Traditional home automation systems are not cost effective and they are not suitable for aging populations or disable persons. This paper presents an effective method to overcome these problems. We have designed and implemented a low-cost, reliable, efficient and secure speech operated system for home appliances especially for persons with disabilities to do their work at home. This system is both software and hardware designed using MATLAB R2009a. This system is divided into three main parts namely voice train process, voice recognition process and integration of hardware with MATLAB. This system used speaker dependent method. This proposed design is novel in the way that it is controlling loads by speech recognition using MATLAB to turn on/off loads via parallel port of a computer.
31 Reducing Man Made Error and Improving Truck Fuel Economy by Truck Platooning System over WSN
D.Shanmugavel, Dr.D.Rajini Girinath, K.M.Muzamil Ahmed, P.Mohamed Shazaman, C.Mohan
Abstract - Truck Platooning is an automotive technology that allows grouping a number of trucks into a single entity where one truck follows other that results in an increased road capacity. Resolving network access conflicts in Heavy duty vehicular and adhoc networks. We propose a coordination algorithm to form platoons of several vehicles that coordinates neighboring vehicles pairwise. The problem of controlling the vehicles within a group so that they converge to their desired velocities and intervehicle distances, is formulated as a high-order network consensus problem. In this paper, we study how two or more scattered heavy vehicles can cooperate to form platoons in a fuel-efficient manner And Maximize the amount of saving fuel by a distributed networks of controllers. Trucks driving close together at a constant speed results in lower fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions.Smart and Safe Highways Leading to Less Pollution and Less Congestion. No need of human driver in the trucks that follows taking some weight out of the drivers shoulder. This reduces chance of Human errors. Platooning system can improve Traffic safety by immediate braking system and accelerate in response to the lead Truck. The short distance between vehicles means less space taken up on the road, and hence increased road-capacity.
32 Fabrication and Analysis of Chiller by Using Nanofluid Condenser
Saurabh R. Wadkar, Shubham V. Karadbhuje, Ashish Dhone, Sachin K. Bhusari, Roshansingh R. More
Abstract - Now a day's man needs a sophisticated life with minimal economy and Branded materials made up of high precised components cost more which replicate the price of the machine/components. Low cost with high performance is the most expected from all categories of people. Industries also follow the same concept of cost cutting and moves to material selection which gives high economic turn over. The Nano component promises the above concept. They are various researches on Nano materials gave way to improve the quality of existing working equipment's. In this work the performance test of chiller unit by using Nano fluid (TiO2) and water cooled condenser. The Water and Nano fluid (TiO2) served as the working fluid with the concentrations by volume 2 g/L. The condenser is double tube type condenser the outer shell is made by the PVC pipe and inner tube is made by copper. It contains eight shells and one pass. The performance was checked by varying the flow rate of water and Nano fluid in the condenser.
33 HandWritten Character Recognition
Akshit Mistry, Kunal Kotian, Ajinkya Ghorude
Abstract - This paper represent a implementation of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to translate images of typewritten or handwritten characters into electronically editable format and which is used mainly for printed character recognition and is insensitive to font style and size. OCR can do this by applying Scale Invariant Feature Transform algorithm (SIFT). The recognized characters are stored in editable format. Thus OCR checks the printed documents discarding noise.
34 Pedal Operated Bicycle for Multipurpose Use
Dhiraj C. Jagtap, Vivek V. Jawnekar, Shubham H.Gulhane, Arati U. Jamdapure, N. S. Duryodhan
Abstract - Bicycle is a two wheel vehicle, which is being powered by a rider and can be steered using a handle. It is one of the most eco-friendlier and an economical mode of transport word wide. The rotary motion of bicycle is efficient and can be use for multitasking purpose. One of which is Drainage system which works on the rotary motion to control the disposal of wastages and with regular filtration of wastages. Drainage pipes are using for the disposal and unfortunately sometimes there may be loss of human life while cleaning the blockages in the drainage pipes. To overcome this problem and to save the human life Rather than it helps to protect the environment from different kinds of environmental hazards through the promotion waste management by the removal of garbage from the drainage system. Second is Electricity. Renewable power generation system is currently preferred for clean power generation. With ongoing revolution in the generation, electricity is generated at small level by using bicycle pedal. Most of the villages are un-electrified. Power generated by pedaling can be converted from mechanical to electrical energy by using dynamo. Our project goal is to use this in efficient way to control the disposal of wastages with clean power generation in frequent manner.
35 DNA Sequence Analysis and Matching for Forensic Science Used in Crime Department
Dr. A.V. Senthil Kumar, E. Siva Prakash
Abstract - Crime investigation and forensic science activities are having tremendous growth now a days, every day crime rate increases and thus creates a complication for the investigation department in criminal detection process. The proposed system integrates the crime department and bio-informatics to handle the above problem. The application performs DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) sequence analysis and matching process to find the DNA matching profiles in the crime department. To perform criminal shortlist process and biological relationship analysis for forensic science, a new application is developed. In this paper, we proposed a new sequence matching algorithm for effective DNA profile matching.
36 A New Conditional Key based Authentication for Secure Shopping
Dr. A.V. Senthil Kumar, J. Thiyagarajan
Abstract - This project initiates the study of two specific security threats on online shopping based password authentication in shopping sites. SMS-based password authentication is one of the most commonly used security mechanisms to determine the identity of a remote client, who must hold a valid phone number and the corresponding password to carry out a successful authentication with the server. The authentication is usually integrated with a key establishment protocol and yields SMS-based password-authenticated key agreement. The project creates a new authentication scheme with conditional key verification. In shopping sites, user needs to enter their account details for the transaction, but the information can be stealing by the adversaries. In this case the proposed system provides a new authentication scheme against those password and information stealing attacks. The system uses SMS based authentication, here the user need not enter their sensitive and personal information in unknown host.
37 Face Matching Algorithm for Gate Pass Automation System
Dr. A.V. Senthil Kumar, D. Vignesh Kumar
Abstract - Gate pass generations based on biometric features are become popular nowadays. In this paper, we propose a new gate pass generation tool using face matching process. In this system we are designing the gate pass generation system which generates the out pass by recognizing student face. This tool is designed for college campus hostel to provide out pass for the students. Initially when the person need to go out from their campus the digital image of the person is captured by the camera and the facial details are extracted and matched with the image from database. These details are compared with the data base which verifies whether the person is authorized or not, if the user is authorized, then the system matches the rule and generates the out pass. In this paper, we propose a new face capturing algorithm for effective out pass generation.
38 An Intelligent Car Parking Allotment System Using CCTV Camera
Dr. A.V. Senthil Kumar, V. Vineeth
Abstract - Parking allotment and scheduling is an important problem in many traffic and civilian applications. With the problems of increasing urban traffic congestion and the ever increasing shortage of space, these car parking lots are needed to be well equipped with automatic parking Information and Guidance systems. Goals of intelligent parking lot management include counting the number of parked cars, and identifying the available location. This work proposes a new system for providing parking information and guidance using CCTV camera. The proposed system includes identifying car number plate, and identifying the car number for parking. The system detects cars through CCTV cameras instead of manual process. (In real time: A camera is installed at the entry point of the parking lot. It captures image sequences. The image sequences are then analyzed using digital image processing for vehicle detection and according to the status of vehicle occupancy inside, real time guidance and information is provided to the incoming driver.
39 Wild Life Conservation and Management System
Rahul Tom Abraham, Dr. A.V. Senthil Kumar
Abstract - Wildlife Conservation is the practice of protecting endangered plant and animal species and their habitats. Among the goals of wildlife conservation are to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy and to recognize the importance of wildlife and wilderness lands to humans. Many nations have government agencies dedicated to wildlife conservation, which help to implement policies designed to protect wildlife. Numerous independent nonprofit organizations also promote various wildlife conservation causes. In this website interested peoples can register and create their account. This site gives information's on endangered animals, birds and plants. Using this website user can share their knowledge about conservation of wildlife. These website also have the facility to view the article for unregistered user but registered user can upload and download the article related to the wildlife. It provides the wildlife crime map that gives the information regarding crimes happen in the wildlife. This website includes the facility to view the statics regarding the mortality in wildlife. People can make this application useful for their research purpose related to wildlife conservation. This website also helpful for Analysis can be made and report can be generated.
40 Ambulance Tracking and Patient Health Monitoring Using GPS and GSM
Divya D. Nanwani, Puja R. Kshirsagar, Bhavana P. Kawalkar, Pritish Deshmukh
Abstract - This project performs three main functions. First one is Patient health monitoring; second one is tracking the Ambulance which is carrying the Patient and third one is to send above two details to the Hospital or Doctor using a GSM technology. With the help of this project we can find out the location of ambulance and at the same time we can monitor various health parameter of a patient. These parameters are temperature, humidity and heart beat rate. A text SMS containing location and values of all the sensors is sent to a Doctor's mobile. Or we can send this text SMS to any authorized person in hospital. Then that person can intimate Doctor about ambulance location and health. By using these parameters, doctor can do the necessary preparation for treatment of patient. It uses Visual basic software at PC in monitoring system to display location of ambulance by using Google earth map and displaying SMS. After receiving SMS hospital can prepare their staff for proper treatment of coming patient.
41 Automatic Object Detection in Sea Surface Area for the Boundary Violation
A.Gowri Swetha, R. Nivetha Shree, R.Sundari, Dr .P .Amudhavalli, Dr.Rajini Girinath
Abstract - Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technique are habituated to detect the presence of ships in the sea. In this method we used Automatic Detection of ships which enter into our border by utilizing digital camera. It is efficient then precedent techniques because data image acquaintance technique can send the data expeditiously to the higher officials. Patten apperception used to segment the images and color segmentation is performed to identify colors. Statistical imaging is utilized to calculate the distance.
42 Design and Fabrication of Voltaline Bike (Dual Mode Power Drive)
M.Arumugam, R.Ajithkumar, M.Ignatius sudhan, A.Mohamed azarudeen
Abstract - In automobile sector, the need for alternative fuel replacement of conventional fossils fuels, due to its depletion and amount of emission has given way for new technologies like Electric vehicle, Natural Gas Powered vehicle,. etc. Still lot of advancement has to place to in these technologies for commercialization. The gap between the current fossils fuels technology and zero emission vehicles can be bridged by hybrid technology. This technology maximize the advantage of the two fuels and minimize the disadvantages of the same. In this project our hybrid bike delivers the power both via an Internal Combustion Engine and Electric Motor .The Electrical powered is used to achieve either better Fuel Economy than a Conventional vehicle, better performance, and it cause less pollution. Driving mode selectivity improves this system more economical, stable and efficient. The hybrid system have long been existed and they are not a new technology. The hybrid system are strong enough to suggest that is much advanced than a conventional vehicle and it is highly beneficial to our environment.
43 Design and Fabrication of Electric Skateboard for Off Road Application
P.Viswabharathy, P.Boobalan, M.Arun Wingston
Abstract - Environmental protection and energy conservations are the main concern of 21st century which has now accelerated the pace to plan and develop electric vehicle technology. The electric vehicles (EVs) offer a zero emission, new automobile industry establishment, and economic development, efficient and smart transportation system. This project having a foot controlled steering system to control the vehicle easily. It designed to suitable for any road conditions and to reduce the effort of a rider to drive skateboard easily. Currently the permanent magnet brushless direct current motors are the present choice of automobile industries and researchers because of its high power density, compact size, reliability, and noise free and minimum maintenance requirements. Initially thus the designing of the vehicle in CAD and CRE-O, and simulations models are done. Equipment and cost analysis are done. It deals with the fabrication of vehicle. This includes assembly of skateboard and electric hub motor drive and designing the controllers. Thus the final stage is to improve the design model of the e-board for off road conditions and suitable for the physically challenged persons.The objective of this project to improve the driving mode of skateboard on off road condition by centerized electric wheel on the board and to reduces the effort of skateboard even on uphill area and to design it with foot steering for to improve the steering sensitivity of the skateboard. Dependence on non-renewable resources using latest technology. The implementation involves development of E-board that runs on battery as well as manual propulsion of vehicle.
44 Mutual Wi-Fi Deployment: A One-to-Many Bargaining Structure
Hrishikesh Madhavan, Purushotaman P, Vaisakh Chandran R, Pandarinathan, Dr.Rajini Girinath
Abstract - We develop a mobile application to solve the complications faced by the mobile network operator (MNO) and the venue owners (VOs) on the public Wi-Fi deployment. We consider a one-to-many bargaining framework, where the MNO bargains with VOs sequentially to determine where to deploy Wi-Fi and how much to pay. Taking into account the negative externalities among different steps of bargaining, we analyze the following two cases: for the exogenous bargaining sequence case, we compute the optimal bargaining solution on the cooperation decisions and payments under a predetermined bargaining sequence; for the endogenous bargaining sequence case, the MNO decides the bargaining sequence to maximize its payoff. Through exploring the structural property of the optimal bargaining sequence, we design a low-complexity Optimal VO Bargaining Sequencing (OVBS) algorithm to search the optimal sequence. More specifically, we categorize the VOs into three types based on the impact of the Wi-Fi deployment at their venues, and show that it is optimal for the MNO to bargain with these three types of VOs sequentially.
45 Modeling and Analysis of Connecting Rod in Two Wheeler by Using ANSYS
P.Viswabharathy, G.Vishnu kumar, R. Yuvapraksh, M.Anbalagan
Abstract - In this paper, the wok is carried out to measure the stress, factor of safety in connecting rod in two wheeler. The connecting rod is the intermediate member between the piston and the Crankshaft. Its primary function is to transmit the push and pull from the piston pin to the crank pin, thus converting the reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion of the crank. This describes designing and Analysis of connecting rod. Currently existing connecting rod is manufactured by using Carbon steel, Forged steel, etc... A parametric model of Connecting rod is modeled using PRO-E software and to that model, and analysis is carried out by using ANSYS 15.0 Software. Finite element analysis of connecting rod is done by considering the materials, viz...Forged steel, Aluminum alloy, carbon steel, titanium alloy, etc... The best parameters like Von misses Stress, Deformation, Factor of safety, Stiffness and weight reduction for two wheeler connecting rod are done in calculation and analyzed.
46 Static and Dynamic Analysis of Single Plate Clutch in Four Wheeler Application Using ANSYS
P.Viswabharathy, G.Vigneshwar, M.Pragadhishwaran, M.Gopalakrishnan
Abstract - Clutch is one of the essential components in automobiles. It is located between the engine and the gear box. The main function of the clutch is to initiate the motion or increase the velocity of the vehicle by transferring kinetic energy from the flywheel. This type of clutch is a dry friction clutch. The present used material for friction disc is Alloy steel Single plate clutch replaced with various material. The design of single plate clutch is drawn by using theoretical calculation results. A single plate clutch is designed and modeled using CREO 2.0 software. Static analysis and Dynamic analysis carried by using ANSYS 15.0. Finally the plots for equivalent stress, strains and total deformation were obtained for different friction materials for friction clutch plate, Uniform wear theory were used for the analysis. The comparison result is done for using materials to define the best material for friction plate.
47 Identification of Black Money and Counterfeit Notes Using NFC, IOT & Android
Ashika MP, Soundarya Sasthayini S, Sugashini V, G.Sandra Karunya
Abstract - Black money is generated through illegitimate means by bypassing taxation system. It is not possible to find the root cause of black money or estimate the magnitude of black money. This paper analyses a randomized evaluation of tax enforcement and tax evasion. The rupee note is attached with a NFC tag which has the rupee value, serial number and expiry date of the rupee note. A money counting device which would read the NFC tag is installed at offices/shops or the reader device can be attached to the merchants/ vendor's android mobile via OTG. In case of small vendors public can scan the QR code which contains the server account details and the amount would be automatically credited to the sellers account. It also facilitates cashless transactions. Hence RBI can track the transactions of individual users. SMS notification to remind the user about the expiry of currency is also implemented.
48 Anti-Ballistic Missile Tracking Based On Relative Localization by Li-Dar Sensor Fusion
R.Deepak, K.B.Srinath, P.Vigneshwaran, Dr.S.KMuthu Sundar, Dr.Rajini Girinath
Abstract - The Anti-Ballistic Missile is an embedded system to perform control, guidance, target data inference, destruction of an attacking missile and various other control operations. It also describes vision based relative localization approach for a target based on Li-DAR and high speed camera and embedded processing technique running at extremely low power. Higher velocities of moving target and the interceptor missile demands higher data update rates from the sensors processing elements and control system.
49 Triple Thread - Automated Onus Estimation, Certifications and Bursary Notification
P. Santhi Ponraj, V.Kalaivani, C.D.Nishanthi, S.Ramya
Abstract - This paper deals with the deployment of precise technique for using the availed bursary and to provide transparency in the estimation of the tax.First threat is , using the aadhar details and salary voucher of the individuals income tax is calculated . By extending the first thread, the second process generates the income certificate of the individual. The third one will display the eligible bursary of the individual thereby everyone can grab the beneficiary without any obstacles. Triple thread will be given read and write privileges based on the place it is used. When used in government offices the thread will provide both read and write privileges but when used by the individual only read privilege is provided.
50 Identifying the Visitors with Data Mining Methods from Web Log Files
Ugur Gurturk, Muhammet Baykara, Murat Karabatak
Abstract - The usage of data stored in web search engines and on transaction logs of websites can provide valuable information for researchers related to the searched information and user behavior analysis. Within this context, some information, which is important for a network structure, can be obtained such as access time and access type. It can be especially beneficial in designing the information system, developing the interface, and improving the information architecture for content collections. In this paper, a set of samples of one month access log records of Firat University website is collected and used. The set of samples is cleaned up with the log parser application developed in the data cleansing phase, which is the core of data mining. The cleaned data were converted to CSV format and analyzed using the BayesNet classifier method, which provides the best performance in the WEKA Software. As a result of the analysis it is seen that the future behavior of website users can be correctly estimated based on RemoteHostname.

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