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Volume 6, Special Issue 1, April (2018)

List of Papers presented at the National Seminar on E-Marketing of Products and Services: Way Forward.!? on 9th March (2018) conducted by Department of Commerce, St. Jerome’s College, Anandhanadarkudy, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, India.

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1 Youngsters Attitude towards Mobile Shopping
Dr. M. P. Asha Kumari
Abstract - India is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world and currently there are around 870 million mobile users. At the same time it has the largest youth population in the world recent transformation of mobile handsets from technologically limited mobile phones into true hybrid mini-computers, and the transition to 3G networks, converted the mobile medium into an attractive value delivery channel for business entities. Attitude is a major factor in information systems and marketing researches. Attitude and Perception is outcome of what we say, feel and know. Attitude and Perception is a lasting general evaluation of people, objects, advertisements or issues. The aim of the paper is to study the attitude and perception of mobile marketing among youngsters. In this research hundred youngsters were selected from Kanyakumari district based on convenience sampling. The obtained data were processed by using appropriate method for testing hypothesis.
2 Attitude of Consumers towards Mobile Marketing in Nagercoil
Dr. M. Karthika
Abstract - Mobile market growth, especially in developing countries, has provided a direct net benefit to local and national economies through increased employment, employment wages, tax revenue, and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) . It is estimated that for ten percent of mobile penetration growth, GDP will grow on average of 0.6% per annum (GSM World 2006). With increased mobile phone use, and its key contributions to a market’s growth, questions can be raised regarding how marketers can take advantage of the mobile channel and which key variables will stimulate consumer acceptance of marketing through the mobile channel, mobile marketing. Telecommunications can be seen as a social and economic enabler. The advantages of improved communications extend beyond financial opportunities to include improved family and community fellowship, and health services. In many developing countries, fixed landline penetration falls below 1% of the total population for reasons such as the prohibitive costs of usage and the costs of building new infrastructure. The findings of this study show that if mobile advertisers can present mobile ads pleasingly, with appropriate information, consumers will not be annoyed and there is a fair possibility that they will gradually like the ads. Furthermore, credibility, a construct of this study, has found to be the most significant of the factors affecting respondents’ attitude toward mobile ads.
3 A Comparative Study on Traditional Marketing and E-Marketing
Dr. S. Geetha
Abstract - Marketing as a subject of study is now attracting the attention from the business firms, companies, institutions and even all countries also. It does not mean that marketing is a new business concept; it is one of the oldest professions in the world. The businessmen have adjusted their business activities to secure maximum satisfaction of the consumers. All businessmen are trying to give their best to their customers, for that they should try to ascertain customer’s reaction, their performance, their attitude, taste etc. His only aim is to earn profit by way of satisfying their consumers. For that, the businessman has adopted various techniques to push his product in the market; one of his recent techniques is to sell their product by way of e-marketing. Today this e-marketing overtake the sales of our traditional marketing because of so many reasons. This paper concentrates about the comparative study of both traditional marketing and e-marketing
4 Problems towards Online Shopping
Dr. C. K. Sunitha, Dr.M.Edwin Gnanadhas
Abstract - “The act of purchasing product or services over the internet ’’.Online shopping is a form of e-commerce, where by consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller over Internet without an Intermediary service. When a consumer buy a product or service over the Internet , instead of going to a traditional Brick and motor store, is called online shopping. An online shop, e-store, Internet shop, web shop, web store, online store or visual store evokes the physical analogy of buying product or services at bricks and mortar retailer or shopping center. Shoppers can visit web stores from the comfort of the homes and shop by sitting in front of the computers. Consumer can buy a variety of items from online stores. People can purchase just about anything from companies that provide their products. Books, clothing, household appliances, toys, hardware, software and health insurance are just some of the products purchase through online. The largest of these online retailing corporations are Flipkart.com; Amazon.com, e.Bay.com etc. Even though online shopping is very convenient for the consumers, there are many problems faced by the respondents. So the researcher tries to find out the problems faced by the respondents while shopping through online. So seventy five respondents were met and data were collected from them regarding the problems while shopping through online.
5 Rural Farmers Awareness towards E-Marketing Facilities Special Reference to Farmers of Ottapalam Taluk
Alan Lukose
Abstract - Dynamic changes are taking place in the marketing field that has led many producers to better appreciate the necessity and the advantages of E-marketing. Adoption of E-marketing has helped marketers to achieve wider reach for their products and huge turnovers. The purpose of the study was to know the awareness and utilization of E-marketing facilities by the rural farmers in marketing their agricultural produce. Primary and secondary sources were used to collect the data. The present study made an attempt to assess the rural farmer’s awareness on E-marketing.
6 SWOT Analysis on E-Tailing
Dr. S. Antony Queen Raj, S. Annu
Abstract - The online retail market has evolved and grown significantly over the past few years. Asia Pacific is emerging as the fastest growing region for online retail with China showing tremendous potential. In India, online retail or E-tailing market represents a very small fraction of the total retail market India, but holds immense business potential driven mostly by growing internet penetration, increasing usage of smart phones, cost advantages and huge funding by private equity. Consumers are always hungry for modern ways of shopping. Indian retail sector is growing fast and its employment potential is growing fast. The retail scene is changing really fast. Retaining the e-customer is a tough challenge. The present paper critically examines the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats on E-Tailing in India.
7 A Study on Social Media Advertisements and their Influence on Consumers Buying Behaviour
Ancy Jose
Abstract - Social Media is gaining dominance in our society and taking center stage in defining how businesses are engaging with potential customers and the citizens. Companies entered Social Media to expand and maintain their online reputation. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are daily destinations for millions of consumers. 21st century is a witness to the rapid surge in internet-based messages transmitted through these media. Various aspects of consumer behavior including awareness, information acquisition, opinions, attitudes, purchase behavior and post purchase communication and evaluation has been influenced by the social networking sites. This study intends to assess the influence of Social Media advertisements on consumers in Ernakulam district. Various statistical tools like percentages, chi-square , Likert's analysis using median, was performed on the data . Statistical software called SPSS was used to analyze the data. With the study of impact of social media advertising on consumers' buying behavior, the result showed that consumers have positive attitude towards these advertisements. This factor could help companies to increase their brand awareness and brand building through social media advertising.
8 A Study on Effectiveness of E-Marketing with Reference to Chennai Region
Shwetha Baben
Abstract - Internet is rapidly converting the manner humans used to do things. Evidently, the same would have an impact at the advertisers. The internet has been regular as the maximum powerful media for advertising and marketing because of the absence of geographical barriers. The advent of the net and its subsequent reputation has all over again challenged the traditional styles of advertising. The boom in net advertising and marketing is due to different factors, greater advertisers moving promotions online and the growing penetration of the net itself. Due to the fact the internet is still an exceptionally new medium whilst compared to different lengthy hooked up advertising and marketing mediums like newspapers and tv, advertisers have not but realized the total ability for benefit
9 A Study Based on Customer Satisfaction towards Amazon online Purchase in Tirunelveli District
Dr. C. Eugine Franco, U. Ashika Nancy
Abstract - Online shopping is the new trends in the marketing system. In India, it used to refer the computer/ mobile based shopping. Over the past few years, online shopping has increased the percentage of online buyer’s in India. The discussion of this study mainly focuses on Customer Satisfaction towards Amazon Online purchase in Tirunelveli district. In this study based on some objectives; the customers opinion towards Amazon in Tirunelveli district, the benefits available on online buying through Amazon in addition to analyze the problem faced by the customers of Amazon. The attitude and preference of customers on purchasing products through online are affected by various factors. The researcher has used both primary and secondary data. The researcher has find out “Today internet is the user friendly communication medium and its awareness and usage level is progressively increasing in all segments of the society”.
10 E-Marketing – Challenges and Opportunities
T. Anitha, T. Barathi
Abstract - Electronic marketing or online marketing refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from websites or emails. Internet marketing and online advertising efforts are typically used in conjunction with traditional types of advertising such as radio, television, newspaper and magazines. Though the internet provides a new means for conducting business but fundamental of doing business remain unchanged. This paper focus about the challenges and opportunities in e-marketing.
11 Online Shopping Habits among College Students in Nagercoil Town
J. Greeta Mary
Abstract - This paper entitled “Online shopping habits among college students” clearly states that how the college students prefer shopping through online. The main objective of this study is to analyse the reason behind the habits of shopping through online and also wants to know the level of satisfaction through online shopping. For this reason structured questionnaire has been framed and has been surveyed with the help of student customers on the basis of convenience sampling. The information from the questionnaire has been analyzed and interpreted with the help of the suitable statistical tools. On the basis of analysis the researcher constructed findings, suggestions and conclusions which are consider being the part of the research paper.
12 Online Advertisement and Attitude of Web Users
Dr. C. Arul Mary Thangam
Abstract - Attitude makes the people to behave in a favourable or unfavourable manner with respect to a product. Through advertising, companies introduce their products to the present and prospective customers thereby create awareness, provide information and influence their attitude. In recent years, internet with advanced technology emerged as a new tool for the marketers to introduce their products. The enormous number of websites and search engines helps the web users to surf and to find out more information on a particular product. This study explores the attitude of web users, their purchase decision and use of web advertising. The data collected has been analysed with statistical tools and the results are discussed.
13 An Empirical Study on Effectiveness of Social Media as a Marketing Tool
Alen Shepherd Thomas
Abstract - Social media allows individual to interact with one another and build relationships. When companies join the social channels, consumers can interact with them and they can communicate with consumers directly. Social media revolution, it is more than obvious that social media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Skype etc., are used extensively for the purpose of communication. One of the most important advantages of the use of social media is the online sharing of knowledge and information among the different groups of people. It is practically impossible to design a marketing strategy without considering social networks. Social media has become really important in today s marketing mix in general and in promoting the new product and existing on in particular. The paper carries out empirical research to understand the effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool.
14 Career Management Issues in Hospitality Sector - A Study among Women Employees in Star Hotels and Resorts in Thiruvananthapuram
Aparna Merin Mathew
Abstract - Hospitality sector being considered as one of the fastest growing sectors in India, creates more employment opportunities to both men and women. But, women are not properly represented in the employment positions in hospitality sector. Many gender issues are creeping in to it which hinders the growth of the industry itself. Proper identification and mitigation of gender issues and discrimination in the industry are essential for the growth of women employment and presence in the hospitality industry. This paper aims at providing a profile of women in Hospitality Industry determining their positions and investigating the challenges faced by them throughout their career. The purpose of the study is to examine womens perception of factors that facilitate and constrain their career advancement and find out if there are any significant differences among them. Efforts are made to find out the barriers that may exist to women’s career advancement.
15 Impact of Brand Image on Consumer Buying Behaviour
D. Arockia Prema, Dr. S. Memukhan Gnanamoni
Abstract - The concept “brand image” has drawn significant attention from academics and practitioners since it was put forward, because it played an important role in marketing activities. Although brand image was recognized as the driving force of brand asset and brand performance, few studies have elaborated on the relationship between brand image and brand equity. Based on the brand image theories, this study reviewed extant studies about the impact of brand image on consumer from perspective of customer equity. It also presented the shortcomings of current research and pointed out the trends for future study.
16 A Study on Production of Spices and the Problems Faced by the Cultivators and Traders
W. Vibin Hershon, Dr. S. Memukhan Gnanamoni
Abstract - India is widely known as a spice country. Spices are the pearls of developing countries. Various kinds of spices are grown in the country, especially in south India. The most popular spice from India is cultivated in state of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. India, blessed with agro climatic zones, export spices to 120 countries. Change in food habit and the increasing preference for flavorful and healthy foods has resulted in improved consumption. This paper highlights with the present status of production of spices and the problems faced by the spices cultivators and traders in Kanyakumari district.
17 Evaluation Study on Awareness Regarding Lok Adalats in Kanyakumari District
S. Suman, Dr. S. Memukhan Gnanamoni
Abstract - The institution of Lok Adalat in India, as the very name suggests, means, People's Court. "Lok" stands for "people" and the term "Adalat" means court. India has a long tradition and history of such methods being practiced in the society at grass roots level. The first lok adalat was held at GUJARAT in 1982. In Tamil Nadu First time held in Chennai in 1986. It accepts cases pending in regular court under their jurisdiction and the Lok Adalat are presided over by Members of Lok Adalat; they have the role of statutory conciliators only and do not have any judicial role, therefore they can only persuade the parties to come to a conclusion. The main condition of the Lok Adalat is that both parties in dispute should agree for settlement. The present paper critically analyse the Lok Adalat and its awareness among the people.
18 Stress Management among Women Workers in Informal Sector in Kanyakumari District
F. Dinusha Masil, Dr. D. Jacquline Pon Mabel
Abstract - The informal sector was historically recognized as an opposition to formal economy, meaning it included all income earning activities beyond legally regulated enterprises. However, this understanding is too inclusive and vague, and certain activities that could be included by that definition are not considered part of the informal economy. As the International Labour Organization defined the informal sector in 2002, the informal sector does not include the criminal economy. While production or employment arrangements in the informal economy may not be strictly legal, the sector produces and distributes legal goods and services. The criminal economy produces illegal goods and services. The informal economy also does not include the reproductive or care economy, which is made up of unpaid domestic work and care activities. The informal economy is part of the market economy, meaning it produces goods and services for sale and profit. Unpaid domestic work and care activities do not contribute to that, and as a result, are not a part of the informal economy.
19 Customer’s Attitude towards Online Shopping
V. Janani, Dr. D. Jacquline Pon Mabel
Abstract - Online Shopping is a fast growing phenomenon. Growing numbers of consumers shop online to purchase goods and services, gather product information or even browse for enjoyment. The primary data was collected from 80 customers. Percentage analyses tools used in this study. 50 percent of the respondent satisfied with online shopping. Online Selling has become challenge for marketers. Online Shopping is becoming more popular day by day.

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