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Volume 7, Issue 1, January (2019)

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1 Solar PV System for Electric Traction Application with Battery Backup
Swapnil A. Meshram, Shubham A. Kapade, Akshay D. Choudhari, Ritesh S. Kakade, Ankush V. Mhala, Kirti B. Nagane
Abstract - The growing interest in the use of energy storage systems to improve the performance of trains has prompted the development of control techniques and optimal storage devices, displacement, and sizing to obtain the maximum profit and reduce the total installation cost. Recently, the rapid diffusion of renewable energy generation from photovoltaic panels has also created a large interest in coupling renewable energy and storage units. A grid connected PV system with batteries as the energy storage element for application to electric train has been proposed in this paper. Battery packs and PV arrays are cascaded together to the utility through a bidirectional dc converter and boost converter. The PV module terminal voltage is regulated by a switched dc-dc step up boost converter, which uses the Incremental Conductance algorithm to track the MPPT. A bidirectional DC/DC converter efficiently regulates flow of power between battery and grid. Bidirectional Inverter provides supporting grid functions which enhances grid stability.
2 Design of Telemedicine System Based on Mobile Terminal
Grace Gregory Mihuba, Michael Joseph Shundi, Obadia Kyetuza Bishoge, Anthony Msafiri Nyangarika
Abstract - Nowadays, there are a lot of handled devices such as smartphone and tablet PC which provide an opportunity to add more applications to the mobile devices which in turn can save the time of the patient to report to the health practitioners. As a new medical method, the remote medical monitoring system is gaining more attention in providing a rapid diagnosis to patients. For instance, this system can help to save the life of the patients who are in remote and rural areas where there is poor transportation for the patients to go hospitals at a related time. This study suggests a kind of remote medical monitoring system which is based on Mobile Terminal and General Packet Radio Service which allows operation of wireless telemedicine systems deliverance medical personnel and patient from a static site. The remote medical monitoring system is composed of three parts specifically mobile remote medical monitoring unit, monitoring center, and the management system. In this exertion, a telemedicine system protocol is aimed and tested. The results of the study display that this system works speedily with low cost and approachable to any user compared to other systems such as telemedical cardiac system.

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