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Volume 8, Issue 2, February (2020)

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1 Bit Error Rate Reduction of MIMO OFDM System using STBC
Priyanka Patel, MeghaSoni
Abstract - Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a modulation technique that is widely used in many wireless communication systems. Now-a-days the requirements of wireless communication are to have high voice quality, high data rates, multimedia features, lightweight communication devices etc. But the wireless communication channel suffers from much impairment. One of them is fading which is due to the effect of multiple propagation paths, and the rapid movement of mobile communication devices. MIMO-OFDM system, which is the combination of MIMO and OFDM technology, can live up to a high data transmission rate with reliability through diversity. MIMO-OFDM with STBC has excellent performance against Multi-path effects and frequency selective fading, what's more, the BER and the coding complexity is low. In this paper we introduce Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems, which use multiple antennas at the transmitter and receiver ends of a wireless communication system. MIMO systems are increasingly being adopted in communication systems for the potential gains in capacity they realize when using multiple antennas. Multiple antennas use the spatial dimension in addition to the time and frequency ones, without changing the bandwidth requirements of the system. Using the flat-fading Rayleigh channel, it illustrates the concept of Orthogonal Space-Time Block Coding, which is employable when multiple transmitter antennas are used. It is assumed here that the channel undergoes independent fading between the multiple transmit- receive antenna pairs. For a chosen system, it also provides a measure of the performance degradation when the channel is imperfectly estimated at the receiver, compared to the case of perfect channel knowledge at the receiver.
2 Investigating the Business Development Strategies of Dena Tire and Rubber Manufacturing Company
Mehdi Esmaili
Abstract - Industries owners in today's world, affected by the two elements of the market and demand as important drivers of technology, are increasingly required to focus on their customers and markets along with technology creation and development. Given the rapid technology developments and competitive market conditions in the rubber industry, it is imperative for industry members to adopt the necessary strategies to strengthen their existing position in the domestic and foreign markets, along with enhancing their current position. The present paper uses a strategic model of the SWAT Comprehensive Strategic Model has been used with the aim of providing business development strategies of Dena Tire and Rubber Manufacturing Company. The present study is an analytical-descriptive and library research. In this study, after careful study of the company’s external and internal environment and thorough analysis of the information obtained from the relevant strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, the researcher has provided and prioritized appropriate strategies. The results obtained from the study indicates that Dena Tire and Rubber Manufacturing Company should adopt and implement key strategies to retain current customers and develop its markets.
3 Protect Women from Abuse and Assure Immediate Safety
S. Dinesh Krishnan, S. Robin, V. R. Sivasurya, S. Thamarai Kannan
Abstract - In the past few years, women safety has become a major issue all over the world. Today’s women are independent and empowered. But still, they are still concerned about their safety against the harassment and the violence and as they have to travel late night through unfamiliar areas. Even if it is true that men and women are equal in every field like men, women are not so strong physically in the emergency situations. Women should be provided with some helping hand to relieve them in the risky situations. Abuse against women cannot be controlled at all times. Women will not be surrounded by public every time. At times they would have to face these type of situations alone. There are applications and devices that exist which can help. But they will be mostly mobile and application oriented. Assurance cannot be given that they will be accompanied with a mobile phone everywhere and every time. The proposed system is where the voices of the women will be identified along with a visual support. If the abusing is really happening then immediate action will be taken by alerting the nearby police station and the public in and around the area.

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